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Patriot Buildings understands that a home is your largest investment. This is why we strive to provide top quality metal roofing products at an affordable price. If you're still not sold on metal roofing, consider the many advantages a metal roof can offer your home:

  • Cost : Every type of roofing material offers many levels of quality. Initially, metal roofing may cost more than some other roofing types. However, the life cycle costs of metal roofing are substantially lower than other forms of roofing. The decision to use metal is usually based upon the fact that the homeowner doesn't want to or can't afford to replace their conventional roof every 8 to 12 years.
  • Maintenance Free : When properly installed, a metal roof is virtually maintenance free. In addition, metal panels do not support the growth of moss, mildew, or fungus.
  • Energy Efficient : Metal roofing options include a palette of "cool" colors that are "Energy Star" rated to help reduce energy costs in your home. Many steel products are also made of 25% to 95% recycled material.
  • Strength : Light (1/3 the weight of standard shingles), yet durable enough to withstand severe weather (high winds, hail, snow, ice) better than any other roofing material.
  • Safe : As non-combustible material, metal roofing carries a fire rating that can reduce insurance rates.
  • Application : Metal roofing can be installed over the top of existing roofs, bringing significant savings in time and labor in addition to eliminating the growing disposal problem associated with shingle.
  • Attractive : Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of attractive colors and shapes to fit diverse architectural requirements and tastes.

Exposed Fastener

Our exposed fastener system offeres the most efficient drain channel and colors that stay bright and chalk free for years to come. This system is weather resistant, standing up against the elements season after season.



Our concealed fastener roof system uses easy snap together installation with minimal visible fasteners. The results is a clean finish for your building. There is no hand seaming involved, resulting in less expense than the traditional standing seam.



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